Our Services

July 14, 2016



Social Media Management & Training

  • We develop or build on an existing social media presence.
  • This includes interacting with existing customers and focusing on targeting new customers.




Social Media Event Delivery

  • We plan organise and deliver a tailored event for your business to boost your social media presence.
  • A single event can reach over 100,000 individuals, thereby increasing your customer base.



Layout and Design Consulting

  • We help to improve the look and feel of your business which contributes to the business atmosphere and overall dining experience.
  • The layout of your business is also essential, streamlining this can mean adding in an additional table which can be critical during peak times.



Customer Experience Enhancement

  • At the end of the day, it is each individual customer’s experience that determines whether or not they will come back.
  • We visit your business unannounced and experience food and service as a usual customer would.
  • We then analyse and provide feedback on your business’ strengths and weaknesses as well as area which we have identified as having potential for growth.



Photography and Editing

  • We capture professional photos of your dishes and/or your restaurant space.
  • These photos can then be edited or kept in their original raw form.



Menu Appraisal and Assessment

  • We taste your menu and provide tailored feedback to help modernise and improve your product offerings.
  • The focus here is to develop an outstanding menu – the key to keep customers coming back.



Other Services

  • Building awareness and promoting your brand through digital channels.
  • Creating and developing a successful social media platform for your business.
  • Delivering campaigns, contests and events to engage with potential customers.



We are serious about ensuring that our services actually benefit your business.

Our performance guarantee means that if we do not deliver what we promise, or you see no improvement at all in your business, we will refund a 100% of your money (this means that there is essentially no risk for you!).