The Concept

What is Inspired Edibles?

I’m Hungry!

Exploring Melbourne latest eateries one bite at a time. Scroll through our photo diary and discover the perfect place to fill your empty stomach!

Social Hub

Bringing businesses and influencers together through collaborations and events. Building your network will seem like a piece of delicious cake!


Transforming food businesses and enhancing customer experiences through modernised consultation services. Together we can eat our way to success!

About Us

Inspired Edibles is a journey towards creating a food revolution through: sharing our food adventures, establishing a social hub and providing modernised consulting services which transform businesses.

"It's not about the end goal, it's all about the journey."

Inspired Edibles was established based on a modernised perspective on the definition of food. In modern times food is not only just seen as a nutritious substance to maintain life, but it has become a lifestyle choice, a form of art, a way to socialise with others over the table, a source of inspiration and a unique experience.

Realising this, we wanted to turn food into something more than just a 'nutritious substance', so we created Inspired Edibles with the idea of starting and leading a food revolution!

Latest adventures

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It’s actually meat, I swear!

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Aussie Farmers New General Store

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